History of Victoria Gyro

The Victoria Club received its Charter in 1921.  At that time, luncheon meetings were held at the world famous Empress Hotel, a practice which continued for over 30 years.  The club changed meeting venues when its membership numbers exceeded the Empress's ability to accommodate both the club and its other regular guests.  Meetings ‘hit the road' with several venue changes until Uplands Golf Club was chosen, and remains our regular meeting and social activity venue.

The Victoria Club's members have included men from all walks of life, including several renowned political and business leaders whose names are permanently etched in the British Columbia history books.  For many years the Gyro Club of Victoria was most prominent for its philanthropy; as a funder of important community projects and a patron of the arts, throughout Greater Victoria. The Club has a long, proud and storied history.  We look forward to a bright and meaningful future.