What Is Gyro International?

The Organization:

Gyro is, simply stated, a Friendship Club. The three founders, college chums, wished to perpetuate the undeniable bond of camaraderie experienced through their brotherhood. Their plan was 1) the promulgation of friendship among men of all states, provinces, and nations; 2) cementing of relationships and establishment of cooperation between all Gyro clubs wherever situated, and 3) the preservation and extension of principles and ideals of the organization.

The Plan:

Gyro was to provide an atmosphere wherein men of character would have the opportunity to nuture friendships and exchange ideas in an open environment. That Gyro would become the “organization of choice” in an era of decreasing leisure time. The organization would welcome men of character from all walks of life, and that Gyro would seek quality members as an improvement over raw numbers.


Gyro grew rapidly, and although experiencing swings in membership totals, today it is composed of 101clubs with nearly 3500 members across North America — from the coast of California to the shores of Prince Edward Island, and from the beaches in Florida to the forests of British Columbia.