Regular Events

The club's activities include:

Dinner meetings with guest speakers, held  approximately every two weeks.

Weekly coffee meetings.

      • Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? events, about one per month.
      • App-and-Yap get-togethers, about one per month.
      • Outings to local events and nearby attractions.
      • Groups who meet to participate in bridge, poker, golf, cycling, pickleball, walking …

The members' spouses or partners participate in many of these events.

A Guess-Who-Dinner is hosted by a club member, who is told that two or three other club members and their partners will be joining him for dinner at his place. However he is not told in advance who these guests will be. The guests will arrive with bottles of wine and, possibly, some contribution towards the meal. Everyone has a good time and gets to know each other a lot better.

An App-and-Yap is an evening get-together held at a member's home. The host does not have to provide anything but glasses, plates and utensils. The club members and their partners arrive bring appetizers to share and drinks for them alone to consume during the evening. The host may provide tea, coffee and water but that is usually all.